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Fundraising for a New Rescue Truck

We're looking forward to purchase a previously owned vehicle (2004 Ford F350) that will be our primary towing platform and equipment vehicle. The vehicle is a former NYPD Bomb Squad vehicle that is being restored. It was custom designed to store and haul heavy equipment. We have come across this vehicle from a private seller who only wants $6500 for it. Any funds here will go to purchasing the vehicle, which will be registered to the Rescue team, a non-profit agency. 

We had a similar vehicle several years ago and it was so valuable to move people and supplies during Hurricane Sandy, but we no longer have it. We have light trailors and generators, but no way to move them without using a personal car. This truck will SERIOUSLY HELP US! It will help us respond and by extension will help people in need.
What the truck used to look like.
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